Another Californian City Bans Plastic Bags!

plastic bag pollution

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In order to make our environment a better place to live, Richmond the another city of California(a state of US) has banned the plastic bags, and also put a 5 cent tax on paper bags in order to encourage other eco friendly bags like jute bags or reusable bags.

Thus now there have been a total of 77 cities including Los Angeles in California which have banned plastic bags. After a lot of efforts and awareness by many NGO(s)non governmental organizations and other institutions, governments of some places has started to take some measure to curb this plastic bag or poly bag menace, and increasing people to use other environmental friendly bags like jute bags, cotton bags, or any other reusable bags. Jute is a 100% bio degradable fiber, eco friendly, strong, durable thus very suitable for bags.

Now other countries should also learn a lesson from the states who are doing something to alleviate our environmental problems. Read full news here.

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