Eco Friendly Business at Low Cost!

There are plethora of eco friendly goods like jute products and other goods which are in great demand in the market today. If anyone is looking for starting a small business or looking for a new business idea which do not require high capital then eco friendly business is a best idea. In eco-friendly things we can provide jute made articles, recycled goods, organic food items, or any other item which does not harm our environment.

recycling goods

Jute Made Goods

Jute is known as “The Golden Fiber”, which is a natural, supple, eco-friendly and entirely recyclable. When it comes to handicrafts, then jute products are the sensational buzz in the market. These products are widely used in different types of requirements. Products made from this golden stuff are well renowned for their high tensile strength, long durability, heat resistance and above all eco-friendly properties. Owing to unmatched quality and growing demand, nowadays Jute Products Manufacturers and Suppliers are paying a lot of attention towards new and more trendy designs.

jute made bags

Jute products are being readily accepted by the people specially new coming generation and educated people. More and more demand is arising for jute made products to meet the requirements of the people in the markets. So if you are looking for a new business idea to start a new business that doesn’t need more capital then starting a retail business of the Jute Products and other eco friendly goods is a very nice idea. As this business is in its growing phase so you wouldn’t have much competition and it will be a good deal. Now question arises what to sell, what types of jute products to sell through retails store or online store. Following are some of the contemporary and highly acclaimed jute products which can be sold and are in much demand:

  • Jute Bags : Today people carry variety of bags, and undoubtedly jute bags are one of the most accepted kind of bags of our time. These are considered by a lot of people as one of the best kind of bags to use. People like these bags as they are eco- friendly, durable and made from natural materials. These designer and highly appealing fancy bags are quite popular in the domestic as well as international handicraft market. These trendy jute bags come in many different sizes and shapes according to the buyer’s demands. Often these bags are available with drawstrings, tie strings, web handles and tags.
  • Jute Home Furnishing : Jute fiber is broadly used in manufacturing of exclusive assortment of home furnishing products that comprises jute mats, jute durries, cushion covers, jute fabrics, jute blinds, jute carpets, jute rugs, curtains and the likes. Jute furnishing include several home decor products symbolize aesthetic choice, showcasing class, style and elegance. Apart from its own unique appeal, use of jute furnishing stuff render altogether a new era and makeover to any decor.
  • Jute Handicrafts: In recent times, jute handicrafts have found a great acceptance and demand in the international as well as the domestic industry. Jute handicraft along with embroidery provide a trendy look. Unique ambit of designer and contemporary jute handicraft comprising jute trays, jute stationary, Jute Hammocks, Jute Wall Hangings, Jute Coasters, Jute Table Mats, jute floor mats, Jute Lamp Shades, Jute Napkin Rings impart as well as trendy finishing touch to any interior decor be it in hotels resorts, offices, home, etc.
  • Jute Fashion Accessories: Today, jute is not considered as a harsh material which is majorly used for making gunny bags. Instead of it jute is broadly used for developing a vast array of voguish and fancy decorative stuff, floor mats, wall hanging, table mats, Jute apparel, jute slippers, foot wears, necklaces etc.
  • Jute Apparels: Lots of varieties are available in the market like ladies kurta, gents kurta, tunics for women, shirts, and many more. All are available in latest designs, beautiful colors and prints.
  • Jute Furniture: In furniture category there are jute sofa, bed, folding bed, chair, stool, hammocks, room divider and more.
    Jute Fashion Accessories: Wrist bands, bead necklace for women, wallets, mobile covers, belts, are some of the accessories which are more popular in the market.

basket made from eco friendly stuff

Goods Made From Recycled Material

On the other hand recycled goods also have a recognized craze in the market, and there are lots of such recycled goods which are liked by the people, for example:

recycled goods

Hand woven baskets made from used plastic bags, clothes, wool, or any other used stuff. Such baskets are very beautiful and attractive and useful too.

Handicrafts and other decorative crafts which are made from used plastics, paper, bottles, etc. Some of them are pen-pencil pot, flower pot, artificial flowers, beautiful wall hangings, chairs, and many more other such items.

Lots of interesting and creative things can also be made from the recycled paper like pen-pencil pot, wall hangings, door hangings, and other handicrafts.

Organic Food Items

Other Eco Friendly Articles

Thus what you need now is just to find a good wholesale supplier and exporter of such goods so that you can start your new business. Good luck for your new business.

organic food products

There are varieties of jute products and goods which can be sold in market. If anybody is looking for a new business idea then selling eco-friendly products like jute products, cotton bags and the likes is a good opportunity for them.

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