Jute Carpets Benefits Over Woolen Carpets

jute carpets for home decor

Jute Carpets Vs Woolen Carpets – Interesting Facts

Choosing an enduring carpet for your interiors is a comprehensive decision, keeping in mind the necessities or functions it is going to fulfill. Both jute and woolen carpets are in huge demand, but that’s where a whole new comparison begins.

Balancing both decorative and practical needs is a tough task, though can be sorted out with ease and slight research considering its designs, patterns, material and most importantly PRICE. So here I provide my readers a brief distinction between the jute and woolen carpets to clear away the clouds of your confusion.

Jute carpets comprises some of the softest fibers in the world and is prominently known for its natural gold shine. A whole lot of variety is offered to you once you start looking for jute carpets. Beautiful patterns, eye pleasing designs, low weight, resistant to molds and mildew, all in all, a complete package at a pocket friendly and affordable price range.

On the other hand, wool is considered a luxurious fiber, greatly preferred for its soft texture and flame-retardant characteristics, but these features makes it much expensive enough to be bought by a common man.

The primary aspect we look for in a carpet is its attractive patterns and shapes, that beautify every interior with uneven shapes, filling even the corner space. What comes next is rather the most important fact, which most of the house keepers long for, the cleaning efforts.

These jute carpets demands low maintenance, are environment friendly, recyclable, biodegradable and 100% renewable. The best thing about these jute carpets is that they are non-irritating to skin.

Wool, though being a natural fabric, faces severe competition from its counterparts. Though it tops the list of style and beauty, the fibers of woolen carpets come lose after some time, and is not a value for money. These are very tiresome to wash and easily retains dust particles, which can be dangerous for health, especially for asthma patients.


1. Don’t buy a carpet without its underlay
2. Buy carpets that are equivalent to your interior and budget
3. But then what it takes to maintain any jute carpet is the proper care to ensure its long life

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