Jute Bags Benefits over Plastic Bags

Jute bags come as a breeze of fresh air in this ignorant world of plastic; suffocated amidst heap of these wasteful products. Plastic bags are recurrent in utility, although the administration wakes up at times, by banning the usage of these items in shopping centers and markets. Nevertheless, plastic bags are used by all and sundry, right from a vegetable vendor to a designer store. Here, I would try to highlight the significance of a jute bags over plastic ones by tallying its various qualities.

Jute Bags Vs Plastic Bags: Comparison and Facts:

  1. Jute is a natural fiber, which is cheap and easily available in the market. Jute bags are produced out of Jute,which is a very strong fiber and hence, highly durable. It is soft to touch and has a smooth texture. Restrict yourself from using plastic bags by supporting a jute one. It would be a small effort on your part towards saving the planet from turning into a dumping ground. Plastics are non-biodegradable products, which takes 400 years to decompose. It pollutes the environment, and also poses threat to animal habitation.
  2. Plastic bags are very popular with both retailers and consumers, because they are cheap, strong, lightweight, functional, and are a hygienic means of carrying food and other goods. But, plastic bags can be used only once, and then, finds way to waste bin’s and landfills. Each year more and more bags are ending up littering the environment as they role up in waterways, parks, beaches, and streets.
  3. Each year billions of tons of petroleum is used in producing billions of plastic bags world wide, which otherwise can be saved for our future needs, as petroleum energy sources are not renewable and are depleting at very fast pace. On the other hand jute needs very less farming space and water to be cultivated thus it is a very eco friendly option and can surely be sustained for future.
  4. The life of a jute bag is much more than those of the plastic bags, as they are more stronger, more durable, and maintain their beauty for longer period. While poly bags and plastic bags have very short life span and start loosing its gloss very sooner. Thus short life of plastic bags means more production of plastic bags which will result in more burden over our natural resources and environment.
  5. After disposing jute bags decompose easily within few weeks or months but plastic bags need thousands of years or even more to disintegrate completely, thus plastic bags choke drainage systems, and end up as a mound of litter everywhere as these are not bio degradable, thus remain forever and create pollution becoming an eye sore for the public.

Thus jute bags are some of the most important products made from jute. However, jute bags can be used in multiple ways; for primary bags,carrying textbooks, folders, lunch, mails, etc. It can also serve as a shopping bag, which would minimize the temptation for a plastic one. These jute bags are convenient to carry and come in diverse colors, designs, sizes and range. Fore more information on manufactures, exporters and suppliers of jute bags visit here. Publisher of this post can be visited at G+.

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