Jute Furnishing: Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Blinds and More

jute carpet for living room

Jute is a natural fibre with golden and silky shine and is hence called The Golden Fibre. Jute is being replaced by synthetic materials in many of its uses.

Types of Jute Furnishings Available
There are different types of jute products’ export from Bangladesh such as, jute rugs, carpets, mats, blinds, sisal, carpet backing cloth, bags, apparel, yarn, hammocks, table mats, handicrafts, footwear, geo textiles etc. Among them, jute yarn, rugs and carpets are very famous. Jute carpets and rugs are used for different purposes all around the world.

Jute rug, carpets and matting are easily being woven in southern parts of India, in solid and fancy shades. Jute mats and rugs are made both through power loom and handloom in large volumes in Kerala.

Natural Advantages:
Jute furnishings have many advantages as a home textile either replacing cotton or blending with it. Its UV protection, sound and heat insulation, low thermal conduction and anti-static properties make it a wise choice in home decor naturally.

Each to his own
You can put jute rugs and jute carpets at your bedroom, in your lounge, in your kitchen, family den, lobby, dining room, or wherever in your own home without being worried if there’s a dimension, shape, or style available to easily fit in these rooms.

You shouldn’t let your jute rugs and to get drenched because it can certainly decrease its sturdiness. You would not also be troubled putting it in close proximity to your hearth due to its fire-resistant advantage.

My Choice
I’ll rather choose natural jute rugs rather than synthetic carpets. It is because I believe that green rugs are good for the environment and if I will use such on my house at least I can gain both the elegance and the earth-friendly look for my flooring.

Jute rugs, mats and carpets make some very impressive and affordable floor coverings. A true jute carpet becomes more durable when used in a low traffic area and is hypoallergenic. More information on different types of jute furnishings products visit here.

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